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It is this need that the Soccer Academy seeks to help address, while being part of the revolution of soccer in the United States and the world. With this in view, the importance of setting up a Soccer Academy has national and international importance to people in the world of soccer at both club and national team levels. Customer Definition and Benefit The main customers for the Soccer Academy shall be professional soccer clubs both within the country and from other countries. These clubs will benefit greatly from the expertise and skills that the trained youth shall possess.

With the kind of training that shall be given to these young people, the clubs stand to benefit from their contribution to the team and aid in the competition for all trophies, local and international. Market The market for soccer talent is big, considering the growth of club soccer all over the world. The world’s biggest leagues such as the Barclays Premier League in England, the Italian Serie A, the German BundesLiga, the Spanish La Liga are examples of leagues that have grown in revenues and signings over the past decade.

Each league has clubs with professional players who earn from the sport. The earnings from the clubs have continued to increase since the turn of the millennium, with some players earning salaries as high as £300,000 a week. This shows the potential that this venture has towards helping the youth earn a living from their skills in soccer. The purchase of players is done after many considerations have been done. Top clubs purchase players for fees up to £100 million. When players get signed, they get a chance at getting endorsements from corporates.

This increases their earnings. Viewers in America have the tendency to watch the top level of any sport they watch. In order to offer the viewers the best showpieces in soccer, clubs in the Major League Soccer and in lower leagues will need constant refurbishment of their squads to add the depth needed to challenge for major trophies both domestically and internationally. This gives the clubs more business arising from the endorsements and ticket sales to spectators who visit the stadiums to watch soccer games.

The number of spectators who visit stadiums to watch games has significantly grown in the United States to a record of 44000 fans. This record falls way below attendance numbers in Europe, in particular countries like England, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, where attendance is almost double the record figure in the United States.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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