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Cliffside Orchards
In addition to this, they advocate for tree planting practices as part of their environmental sustainability measures. Orchard Preparation When the couple initially settled in the area, the land on which the Orchard now sits had been largely untouched. It had been an alfalfa hay field from which neighboring farmers obtained pasture for their livestock. The couple first cleared the site and used bushes as fencing. They then used a backhoe to fill in an existing swamp, in the Northern side of…
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Food Safety and Quality Assurance in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Industry
The paper "Food Safety and Quality Assurance in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Industry" is an outstanding example of an essay on agriculture. There are various programs that have been set up to ensure that food quality and safety are met internationally of which several of their abbreviations are given as examples. They include GAPs, GMPs, GHPs, SOPs, SSOPs, HACCP, and QMSs.…
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Americas Wealthy
The state of income inequality is so gross that majority of US workers have to work way longer than a month to earn even close to what a handful of people earn on hourly basis. It is this wealth gap which has given birth to a wide array of social problems over time. It has generated more crime, more hatred and resentment in the middle and working classes, and more law violations. When people are not given financial protection by the government by establishment of wealth equality, when they do…
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Given the harsh environmental conditions they are supposed to face as children and due to the lack of options present to them, it would be best if the available option was made more favourable. Hilson believes that there are measures that can be taken to tackle the problem. The basic is to understand who all are involved and the problems they are facing; unless we understand the situation clearly we cannot help them. The best way is to use the local knowledge for maintaining the economic…
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