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Short and Long Term Affects on Fetal and Child Development When Exposed to Cocaine in Utero
If the integrity of the placenta is compromised by the use of cocaine, the resulting lack of blood flow can mean that the fetus is under nourished and under oxygenated. This can result in low birth weight, developmental delays, and even neurological damage. Based on a study conducted at the University of Florida, it can be said that the amount of cocaine used by a pregnant woman has a direct affect on the head circumference of her baby. In cases where babies were born after having been…
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Travelogue Assignment
He described the cosmopolitanism nature that the city boasts. The people here are from different races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and even different political orientations. In addition, he explained that as we shall soon find out, the city have many people from all over the world. Some, like him, live here while others come and go in large numbers for purposes of business, tourism, education, or even to attend religious events. Other than cosmopolitanism, the vibrant economy of New…
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Research Paper
Satanism is another important topic which comes to mind when paganism and witchcraft is being talked of. There is a lot of difference between Satanism and witchcraft: people who indulge in Satanism pray to the Saturn or the evil forces but the followers of witchcraft do not pray to evil forces. “Here in Canada kitchen prophecy is a way of life.” (The "Kitchen Goddess”) This goes to show that prophecy is often practiced by witches. They engage in speculation, they enjoy telling people…
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Discuss how Benedict's work developed Boas vision of Anthropology and whether it also represented a new direction in american anthropology
Discuss how Benedicts work developed Boas vision of Anthropology and whether it also represented a new direction in American anthropology. Ruth Benedict was an early 20th century anthropologist and is known for work such as “Patterns of Culture” and “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword”. Importantly, Benedict was mentored by the father of American anthropology, Franz Boas. Many of Boas’ ideas can be found in Benedict’s work, including the idea of historical particularism and the strong…
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Term paper
The defining characteristics of introverts that distinguish them from other personality traits are; they draw energy from being alone as they dislike and are reluctant to social interactions and over stimulating environments. They like the internally oriented stimuli, such as their own ideas and inner thoughts. Another characteristic of introverts is that they prefer a slower paced talk which allows them to think before they talk. Introverts are very fond of having very few friends. They…
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