Architecture Essays and Research Papers

How has the rapid growth of Dubai's economy impacted its long term urban planning as well as its architectural value
It should be noted that with the aid of economic prosperity, new structures and architectural projects were started in Dubai that replaced traditional buildings. As a matter of fact, the change in lifestyle was not resisted by the inhabitants as economic prosperity made their lives much easier. The inhabitants of Dubai felt privileged and developed as they transformed their ways of living2. In order to build new structures, the inhabitants needed help from the construction companies abroad.…
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Why are great Italian Renaissance architects more famous than their great gothic predecessors Discuss how and why the role and image of the architect changed during the Italian Renaissance
Structurally, the weight of the ceiling was reduced and the thickness of the wall reduced. This was more attractive than the Gothic designs. Further more the Renaissance designs ensured the ceiling was supported at appropriate points, which were basically the ribs (Arnaldo 2007). Renaissance designs also enabled wider window openings to allow entry of natural light. The Gothic architecture had three phases, the early, high and late Gothic architecture. The three phases were great confusion and…
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