Management of Financial Resources and Performance – Assignment Example

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In 2012, the company conducted a host of various members, some associates from the company, other notable stakeholders which included the UCI environmental accountability, world resource institute, missionary oblates of Mary Immaculate Walden assets management and a representative of alliance for the a healthier generation which created comments concurrently. Ceres held a meeting distilling the perceptions of the shareholders on regards to what was undertaken in the sustainable initiatives and process of reporting which the shareholder desired an improvement (Clark, 1857, Pp234).

The company subsequently implemented the suggestions and recommendations on the report availed. The stakeholder and Ceres hold regular interchanging talks that delve into variety of issues inherent to the management. At one meeting, issues regarding the disclosure involved of critical revelations of suppliers, improvement of the disclosure on efforts associating with nutrition and energy balance of the Coca-Cola beverages. There was also Clarification of the company policies, vision and the corresponding issues on the strategy thus amplifying the rates of the agricultural sustainability.

Ceres also derived concerns on the context and corresponding strategy that influence main external trends that had impact in the company management. Ceres Has also evaluated the capability of the supplier programand fundamental sustainability efforts. Critical prominent placement for the topics inherenton reports significantly elevated disclosure issues efforts (Friedlob, 2002, Pp656). Distinctive approach on sustainable agriculture and third party global challenges in combination with strategic initiatives to eradicate environmental risks as indicated in the annual reports.

The company comprehends the essence of engaging the stakeholders on the emergent issues of running the company and thus undertakes consistent review of the relevant reports (Reeve, Warren, & Duchac, 2012, Pp3423). The company incorporates the continued internal and external stakeholders engagement thus determining the relevant areas of reporting and thus entailing essential explanations and concurrent clarification.

In 2013, the European business unit became part of the hundreds of stakeholders enjoined to the dialogues topics on nutrition and other entailed physical activity. Appendix1: coca-cola manufacturing plant The enjoined activities on the Europe include the underlying EU platform for essential action and close physical activity. EU health platform is a platform that avails a forum for the expansion of the European –level organizations that are willing to commit in the action of providing trends in the management of the dietary and associated issues activities (Reeve, Warren, & Duchac, 2012, Pp3425).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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