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This does not mean that it includes all winged insects; it just includes primitive ones. Paleoptera and Neoptera differ to each other in their wing articulation. The subclass Pterygota has two further divisions called the Exopterygota and the Endopterygota. Exopterygota insects have life cycles that pass through three stages – egg, nymph and adult. A larger number of insects such as Roaches and Mantids; Dragonflies and Damselflies; Crickets, Grasshoppers and Locusts; True Bugs are part of…
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The dormant state of Tuberculosis
In drawing conclusions from the in vivo models during experimental processes, Wayne (1994) indicated that there was a capacity for prolonged periods (even decades) of dormant or latency, inactivity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and this accounted for increasing development of active tuberculosis in elderly individuals. This was concluded to be associated with age-related decline in the individual’s immune response system. (p. 909). Dick, T. & the British Society for Antimicrobial…
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The role of immune therapy in breast cancer
The constituents that make up the system normally remain silent. However, when the system is initiated, the constituents activate, proliferate, and create the effective mechanisms that can fight effectively against the microbes thereby eliminating or neutralizing the microbes. Adaptive immune responses are of two types – humoral immunity produces B lymphocytes mediated by antibodies, and cell mediated immunity, which is reconciled by T lymphocytes (Mooi 2010; The innate and adaptive immune…
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A wetland can be further classified according to its soil type, plants and the water chemistry (Gibbons, 1998). Swamps They are also referred to as forested wetlands and occur along river courses. The vegetation is mainly composed of trees and shrubs such as cedars, dogwood, cotton wood and spruce, among others. The vegetation growing under the trees is dense and offers food and cover for the diverse wildlife habitats. Bogs Bogs occur in cool wet areas where there is poor drainage. The water…
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