Book Report/Review Example and Samples

Efficiency Strategy of Basil Construction Company
To achieve goal the company has multiple short or long term objectives. Customer satisfaction through innovative designs and technology used advanced construction process is the main objective of its business as a service company. Situation Analysis International market diversification has been an efficient strategic decision of the leading construction companies in UK since long past. The industry has eventually led to multiple opportunities through individual strategic decisions by its…
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Performance management report of a company
Employees should see appraisal as a key part of performance management system, designed to make employees get in tune with the developments in the business. It also allows for employees and teams to be managed effectively to achieve high level of organizational achievement through performance. It also encourages people to link their performance to the objectives of the company and respond to increased competition within their industry. Assessing Achievements Good business practice demands that…
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Selling a House
My house is located in the suburbs and therefore I cannot expect the same price as apartments sold in proper cities. Even if I value my property in the same way, it is unlikely that I will find buyers who will be willing to pay such high price. Second factor is view that can be seen from the balcony. A house which is situated in a manner so that there is unimpeded view can fetch high price. This needs to be kept in mind before I will fix selling price for my house. Accessibility to public…
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Social Media for Small to Medium Enterprises
It is essential to highlight that, the entity uses limited costs in production because of the technology involved. In addition, it does not require a huge number of employees thereby eliminating excess wage costs. The company faces a weakness in terms of the limited product line that it produces. It also possesses a narrow consumer base. In terms of opportunities, the company faces a wider customer base in terms of individual customers. In addition, the company has a potential in producing…
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Supply Chain Transformation: Building and Executing an Integrated Supply Chain Strategy
This book is helpful for the companies, which need to transform their supply chain strategies. Chapter 1: transforming your supply chain Chapter 1 of this book defines supply chain strategy as a “… multiyear road map that starts the needs of your customers (1).” In order for a company to meet its needs and expectations, it should implement an effective supply chain strategy. This is because the excellence of a company’s supply chain creates economic profits that are attached directly…
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The Monk and the Philosopher
The average estimate of the overall Buddhists worldwide is estimated to be around 200 million. The main reason why an exact figure cannot be accounted for is because of the continuous influence of the distinctive religion in communist countries like china. Another reason is the because of the nonexclusive character of Asia’s religious believes affiliation. Lessons that the Western Thought can learn from Buddhism Buddhism has a rather unique approach that understands and is one focus, which…
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