The Monk and the Philosopher – Book Report/Review Example

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The average estimate of the overall Buddhists worldwide is estimated to be around 200 million. The main reason why an exact figure cannot be accounted for is because of the continuous influence of the distinctive religion in communist countries like china. Another reason is the because of the nonexclusive character of Asia’s religious believes affiliation. Lessons that the Western Thought can learn from Buddhism Buddhism has a rather unique approach that understands and is one focus, which reflects the scientific boldness of the mind. The western region can learn a lot from Buddhism especially since the religion advocates for self- purification, self-reliance, self- restraint and self-confidence for every individual in the community.

Another significant feature of Buddhism that can be assimilated by western nations is the way it critically handles democratic ideals. The religion encourages unhindered discussions where equal contrary ideas are aired and the results are used in enriching and broadening the mind. The orders of the nuns and monks are constituted on these self-governing principles. The western should follow suite and emulate the unique democratic principles used by the Buddhists.

The monks actually give their minds the freedom of thinking without any level of biasness and allow themselves to think independently. The Buddhists believe the supreme Buddha is a noble being especially due to fact he provided the moral codes or the five percepts that act as a guideline for all individuals. Another famous aspect of Buddhism that is very prominent is the Karma, which is a law that explains that there are consequences for every decision an individual makes. The law explains some of the phenomena’s in the world such as the reason why some people were born gifted and others handicapped, why some people only live for a short period of life and the reason why there is so much inequality worldwide.

The western nations can learn a lot from the Karma law it would illuminate their way and show them the importance of being responsible in their present and past actions. The karma law can also evaluate the Karmic effect of every action taken. The answer is acquired by monitoring the aim behind the action, effect of the consequences of the deed on oneself and finally the consequences the deeds have on other people.

Buddhism also teaches on wisdom where it offers two types of extremes where one can acquire knowledge without any form of emotion and on the other hand one can be goodhearted idiot.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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