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Company is very clear about target customers. Company has very creative team. Company’s workforce is a great strength. Weakness: - Company only targets a much selected numbers of customers. Company is focuses towards ultra niche. Company doesn’t have great collection of casual wears. Company is over dependent on woman. It doesn’t have that much of collection in case of men. Company is having very limited products line of Haute Couture, RTW, Accessories and Wedding Dresses. Opportunity: - Numbers of celebrities in the world is increasing day by day. It creates lots of opportunities in front of the company.

People are getting more and more fashion oriented. It opens up lots of prospects for the organization. Company has lots of opportunities to increase men’s wear collection. Opportunity is there to open more and more outlets in the new places of the world. Threat: - Company is facing threat from the competitors in the market. Competitors in the market are come up with new ideas. Every other player in this industry is trying to create a unique image of their brand. It makes the strategy of the ELIE SAAB very venerable.

D. Competitive Analysis Company gives more emphasis on creating a different and uniqueness of products. Offering competitive pricing is also a vision for the company. At any cost company doesn’t want to reduce their image of premium brand. The company is very clear about the targeted market which is elite class of the world. Company is very comfortable within its niche range of premium customers. Company doesn’t want any experiments with that level of niche marketing. Company’s vision is very clear. According to the vision company is targeting its customers around the world.

Company wants to be very competitive in the industry. Company is going more global and is planning to open its new counters in different parts of the world (Chaston, 2004). Exclusivity is one of the most important competitive analyses of the company. E. Market Analysis, Industry Analysis & Trends – Continuous market analysis is very important for any organization. This market is not free from that thing. Market analysis is very important to keep track with different market issues. Consumer test and preferences are changing each and every day.

Different market is having different age group of people. USA, Europe is having aging customers on the other way Asia is having younger customers. Market analysis is also very important to understand the need of the customers which differs from place to place.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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