Evaluating an International HRM Strategy of Sainsbury – Case Study Example

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The paper "Evaluating an International HRM Strategy of Sainsbury" is a perfect example of a case study on human resources. The digital transformation has revolutionized the shopping experience since consumers can acquire goods and services online without visiting the stores physically. Online shopping has further enhanced the consumption of products and services can be bought anytime when on-demand remotely. The above ramifications in the retail market industry have resulted in a significant boost to the GDP of the country since they contribute a considerable percentage of the overall revenues of the nation.

It is from that pretext that organizations like Sainsbury Plc. are constantly diversifying and expanding their operations given the massive fortunes that they garner from the retail sector merit (Mathis and Jackson, 2012). 3.0 Company ProfileJ. Sainsbury Plc. is a public company that was incorporated in the year 1922 as J. Sainsbury Limited. The organization is based in London and runs retail stores across the United Kingdom with some of its subsidiaries operating in the United States under the franchise Shaw Markets. As of 2012 the company had a combined workforce of approximately one hundred and forty-seven thousand workers with a sales volume of £ 37.34 billion.

Sainsbury is arguably one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom given the extensive network of stores that it operates in the country (Sainsbury, 2015). The organization operates close to one thousand six hundred retail stores across the United Kingdom falling behind Tesco that operates a staggering two thousand two hundred and fifty stores. Initially, Sainsbury held the tag of the largest retailer in the United Kingdom-based on both sales volume and the number of stores that it operated but the situation changed in the mid-1990s when the company was faced with management wrangles and stiff competition from Tesco and ASDA that proved to dethrone it from the apex.

Currently, it is holding the second position though it is still battling ASDA a subsidiary of American retail giant Wal-Mart that is posing stiff competition. In 1997, the company ventured into banking and became the first retail operator in the United Kingdom to win a fully licensed bank.  


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