Marketing Report – Case Study Example

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Other than this, with the help of effective communication system and interpersonal relationship, the organization of HCSS became successful in developing a wide range of product lines such as heavy bid, heavy job, equipment 360, safety etc. By doing so, the turnover of the organization of HCSS augmented with very minimal percentages. Due to which, the management of the organization of HCSS decided to offer varied types of fridge benefits such as health insurances, incentives etc in order to motivate the employee towards their assigned tasks. Only then, the productivity and profitability of the organization of HCSS might get improved that may increase its sustainability and dominance.

Other than this, due to effective image, the challenges posed by new entrants might easily be resolved. Apart from this, as relationship marketing is the cornerstone of the organization of HCSS so the management always tried to discuss the effectiveness and importance of interpersonal relationship with its customers. Only then, the organization might become successful in increasing its range of product lines thereby amplifying its distinctiveness in the market. Moreover, in order to increase the inner talent and skills of the employees, the organization implemented varied types of programs that improved their performance, communication and dedication.

This amplified the prosperity and portfolio of the organization of HCSS on long run. Hence, it might be stated that only through proper relationship, the customers might be retained in this age among many other brands in the market of United States. Application of relevant strategy, theory, concepts and models of frameworks In order to amplify the total sales and turnover of the organization of HCSS in this age of extreme competitiveness and high bargaining power, improvement of the inner features of the core product is extremely essential such as direct integration with excels so as to download the report directly.

By doing so, the current reports might easily be analyzed with the previous reports in order to evaluate the profit or loss of the organization. By doing so, the organization might easily evaluate the types of bids that may offer effective results in future. These types of inventive features might attract a wide range of customers that may amplify the total sales and total revenue of the organization of HCSS in long run.

In addition, as per AIDA model, if the core product features are improved then the attention of the customers might get improved towards the products.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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