Identity Exploration in World of Warcraft – Case Study Example

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Blizzard is also promising to conduct extensive beta testing and swears they're going to take their time with it. "The beta test is actually the big x-factor here, " said Roper. "We can't tell you if it's going to be for one month or one year. We put the biggest pressure on ourselves. If a game ship on time, but it doesn't work and it's not fun, then who cares? We've always felt it's much more important to get a game right when it comes out so that four years later people are still playing it because it's a good game. " So what does that mean for a release date?

it means, unfortunately, that there isn't one. "No matter what date we tell you, you're not gonna believe us, " said Roper. "So we don't have a release date. " And that was the only lousy thing we'd heard all day. With WORLD Ο F WARCRAFT, Blizzard is veering away from familiar terrain and entering an extremely competitive gaming landscape fraught with hazard--as the frazzled teams ο f EVERQUEST, ANARCHY ONLINE, WORLD WAR II ONLINE, and others would all attest.

But it's a challenge that clearly has Blizzard jazzed. "Huge communities have always built up around our games, from WARCRAFT II on, " said Roper. "Every time we come up with a new product, we work on how we can better integrate the community and get people to interact. So a massively multiplayer game is just the next logical step. What's really exciting to us is sitting around and talking about a game that won't have a chat room. You'll now finally be talking to other layers as your character, all the time.

It's exciting for us as developers and gamers. " And that last part is why Blizzard always gets it right: At root, they are just geeky gamers like the rest ο f us. They're making WORLD Ο F WARCRAFT because this is the game that they want to play. World ο f Warcraft is changing in taste in PC games. It is so good it should appear with a warning label: Danger! The creation inside is habit-forming. Do not take without strictly monitoring the progress ο f your life in the real, non-virtual world!

There are many reasons why people spend 20, 40 or 80 hours a week playing massively multiplayer online game World ο f Warcraft. It's to meet hot chicks.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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