Royal National Lifeboat Institute – Case Study Example

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If possible they had a talk With the casualty and provide them reassurance. With courage, determination and skills the crew Is able to carry out their plans and work towards successful outcomes. The crew members are the well trained and skilled people. Today there are over 4500 lifeboat crew members who ordinary people are doing an extra job. They can be called out whenever required from their beds. They are very courageous people. The different types of people who work in RNLI are Crew members: They are volunteers to work for saving lives.

They are dedicated and willing to work. They respond in a minute time as soon as they get the information of the incident. Lifeguards: Like crew members, they are also willing to work and they are paid professionals. The number of lifeguards varies according to the risks at the sea. They keep a check on the people playing and surfing at the sea. They work in drastic situations. Shore helpers: They help in assisting the lifeboat station and check out the launching of the lifeboat. Fundraisers: They work for raising funds to run out the institute.

They raise funds from all parts of the country. They sponsored the events, concerts and race etc for raising funds. Trustees: It is the body of the volunteers who carry out all the financial activities of the RNLI who are responsible for approving the strategic and business plans (RNLI, 2011). Marketing strategy The current marketing situation is very competitive and demands a strategy which will ensure a consistent approach to offer product / service to the customers. This approach should be such that you get advantage over your competitors, in other words, you outsell them in every way.

However, in order to implement it, one mush has a very well defined method or process in place so that its implementation is smooth. The RNLI is a very well established and love organization, who are involved in charity task for the service of nation. However being a charity organization, their focus is on social service and they need marketing support. This is essential if they wish to continue spreading the good work done by them and also raise team of volunteers and funds for running the organization.

For this purpose, they seek the help of Marketing Matters an organization which has helped them with their charity work for the past 10 years or so (Marketing Matters Ltd, 2011). The marketing strategy involves formulating a reliable and creative marketing communication service programs. The primary aim of this is to add value to an assorted range of promotional and fundraising activities.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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