Sociology analysis paper – Case Study Example

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Every individual, including the part-time workers have a collective responsibility of making America great. Such cannot be achieved when they are subjected to unpredictable working hours and they earn meagre wages because of the few working hours. Good Samaritans Launch Mission to save Migrants in the Mediterranean by John Hooper Summary Based on the increased number of immigrants estimated at over 65,000 entering Italy and Malta from Tunisia and Libya, a couple has considered helping. An Italian philanthropist Regina Catrambone together with her American husband Christopher is doing their final touches to facilitating a rescue mission for the African immigrants.

The immigrants have been crossing the Mediterranean Sea in search of better livelihoods in Europe; however, it has not been all rosy for them. Catastrophe has struck resulting to loss of lives and others have been stuck in the sea. Regina was moved when she saw a person floating in the sea while sailing to Tunisia. In addition, she had seen the Pope plead for support through a television broadcast. She has already obtained a boat, Phoenix1, which will be adequate for the operation.

In addition, they have obtained two drones, which could aid in identification of the migrants. Her initiative is not in any way an effort to compete with other rescuers from the Italian marines but a desire to ensure that the misery of the immigrants in the sea is brought to an end. She plans to start of the initiative with their finances but is open to sourcing for funds if what they have will not sustain the operation. Social Concept and Sociological Perspective The social concept that is developed in this news report is the Social Role.

A social role is the act of taking up a responsibility for an individual that has a given social position. An individual or a group of individuals within a social setup can opt to engage in a social activity. In this regard, Regina and Christopher have opted to engage in a social welfare role that is not necessarily beneficial to them but to others. Having a good social status in the society has created a favorable platform for them to engage in the charitable deed.

They have finances that can sustain the rescue operation and they have networks that can help them realize the rescue mission. A social perspective that comes out clearly in the article is the conflict perspective. This perspective entails the aspects of the society that keeps on changing hence resulting to conflicts.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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