Accountability in Human Resource Management – Coursework Example

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Since the approval and information from all the departments become mandatory, induction integrates the departments in an organization. Induction offers several benefits to the organization. Benefits of Induction The various benefits of induction are Employees will have a better understanding of the company. They can easily adapt to the projects in which they are allocated. Staffs will get used to their job very easily without much hassle. Helps the organization to identify the talents of an employee. They can identify the flaws in the performance of the employee. Goals can be achieved without much problem as the employee has prior knowledge about the organization. Induction programme is conducted with the help of Human Resource department of the organization.

This induction programme is designed and developed well in advance to avoid any problem during its implementation. The implementation is done in such a way that it leads to other benefits to the organization. The induction programme plan specifies the number of days for which induction programme is to be conducted. The plan also imposes how an induction programme should be conducted.

Generally the induction programme is conducted on the first day when the employee begins his career in an organization. In certain cases, induction is conducted when an employee moves from an existing project to a new project. The situation and implementation of induction may vary according to the organization. (Philips, 1999). In either case, induction is carried out to make sure that the new employee gets a complete idea about the organization and the project in which he is going to work. Induction programme also specifies the type of training and duration of training.

During this process, the organization decides about the type and mode of training. Thus an organization concentrates more on an induction programme since it indirectly improves the reputation and development of an organization. Once an induction programme is conducted, the details are recorded and stored in a separate database for future reference. This paper proposes a sample induction programme which includes details pertaining to the project in which the staff is assigned, conditions and regulations followed in the organization and other relevant information.

An induction plan will generally be divided into four or five sections like general information, project details and policies of the organization. The general information section includes Employee Name.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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