Difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management – Coursework Example

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The stages involved in planning human resource requirements at ASDA are initially identifying the existing requirements of employees in the company. The next stage involves recruiting and selecting employees based on their required skills. Consequently, ASDA indulges in training employees so that the employees are well aware of their job role. The next stage involves management development wherein, ASDA focuses on improving the employees and enhancing their performance. Redeployment is the next stage in HR planning where the employees are assigned various tasks based upon their skills. ASDA has an online recruitment process wherein jobs are advertised through online media portals.

Consequently, ASDA receives job application from numerous candidates and accordingly candidates are shortlisted based upon their skills and competency level. ASDA then provides job descriptions of the specified job along with its personal specifications. Managers then select candidates whose skills match the job requirement. Once the candidates are selected the final process involves recruitment after which the candidates have trained appropriately and inducted to the job (ASDA, n.d. ). Sainsbury’ s, on the other hand, indulges initially in job analysis in its recruitment and selection process.

Then the company uses sourcing as a strategy for advertising the job and attracting applicants through online advertisements. The next process involves screening and selection wherein, applicants are screened and assessed on the basis of their skills, knowledge and educational qualification. The final process involves lateral hiring wherein, Sainsbury’ s recruit candidates and assign them their job roles and designations (Sainsbury's, 2013). With reference to the above-mentioned, the recruitment and selection process it is apparent that both ASDA and Sainsbury’ s attract candidates in their business through online advertising.


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