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Referral propose an e-commerce strategy and architecture
In terms of preferences, consumers are expected to behave differently on the actual sampling, purchase process and delivery of clothing and other related products. Rising concerns on whether an online arrangement of order placement, order processing, bill clearance and delivery can serve the needs of end users in this line of operation are answered in the proposed case study on e-commerce for Khanga Apparel Corporation. Company Profile Khanga Apparel Corporation is a clothing and…
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Effects of e-Business on Project Mgt, Supply Chain Mgt, Retailing, Entertainment & Manufacturing
Effects of e-Business on Project Mgt, Supply Chain Mgt, Retailing, Entertainment & Manufacturing Table of Contents Introduction 3 2.Effects of e-Business on Project management 3 2.1.Advantages 4 2.2.Disadvantages 4 3.Effects of e-Business on Supply chain management 5 3.1.Advantages 5 3.2.Disadvantages 6 4.Effects of e-Business on Retailing 7 4.1.Advantages 7 4.2.Disadvantages 8 5.Effects of e-Business on Entertainment 9 5.1.Advantages 9 5.2.Disadvantages 10 6.Effects of e-Business on…
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Disso proposal
From the standpoint of Warner, various external influences which affect the consumer’s behavior are demographics, socio-economics, technology and public policy; culture; subculture; reference groups; and marketing. Within the domain of internal influences, attitudes, learning, perception, motivation as well as self image and semiotics are various psychological attributes affecting the consumer behavior in online shopping (Malcolm). From the studies of Sheth in 1983 it can be also found that…
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Creating Profitable e-Business
In addition, they hire SEO experts and continually invest in ways to improve their SEO practices. Though, these investments can be constructive if the company’s web site is able to get higher ranking than competitor sites. Normally, these SEO practices heavily depending on the working of search engines. In this scenario, some methods are legitimate which are believed to be an ideal approach for letting the search engines know about the existence of a web site, while other techniques are not…
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