Environmental Studies Essays and Research Papers

Buncefield Disaster
The blast did not only blaze the buncefield depot but also destroyed the emergency water supply system and entirely hindered perimeter roads. The blasts and explosions are identified as having severe affects on both short-term and long-term wellbeing of people who experience it or are exposed to the burning pollutants. Hoek, Bracebridge and Oliver carried out a research to identify the impacts of this devastating incident on people’s health. The study was designed to measure the medical…
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International Environmental Analysis
INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS: A CASE STUDY OF TATA GROUP Month, Year Introduction The Tata Group which is an Indian corporation based in Mumbai has spread its wings into foreign markets. Its operations in motor vehicle, ICT, steel and tea have succeeded due to proper management and application of appropriate corporate strategies. The internationalization of Emerging Economy Multinational Corporations (EMNCs) therefore is congruent to proper management of business activities within value…
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Microbial food poisoning
Unfortunately, it has been noted that very few people visit their medical practitioners on food poisoning cases. UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) for instance reports that although roughly 5.5 million people in the country are affected by food contamination illnesses each year, only about 100,000 cases are tested and determined to be actual food poisoning, Teinaz (2006). In the USA, roughly 48 million people are victims of food poisoning though only about 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000…
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Prepare a research paper on one form of soil degradation, its impact, methods that are being used to reduce or reverse its impact, and its relevance to the sustainable use of soil resources
Topic: Lecturer: Presentation: Introduction Soil degradation is the process through which soil loses value and productivity as a result of exposure to human and environmental influences. There are many forms of soil degradation. However, this paper will focus on soil erosion which is a major factor that affects soil productivity. Human activities are among the underlying causes of soil erosion. These activities have been highlighted. The impact of soil erosion has been discussed in detail. The…
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The enviorment now and then
Topic The Environment Now and Then The environment we live in is sustained on the natural law of nature and any manipulation by human beings can lead to the destruction of planet earth. The instability of environmental condition and its pollution has been a concern for people even in 20th century. The introduction of industrialization has been criticized by many anthropologists and scientist for degrading the natural environment of human being. They considered the overpopulation and surge of…
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