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The research mostly involved housewives. The research reveals just how much the company was able to develop a product that was in accordance to what their target market wanted. During this period it was noted that there was an increase in the need for producers to carry out researches on what their target market wanted so that they could be able to satisfy their need. This led to the shift of power from producers to consumers. The situation is believed to have been contributed to the existence of many players in the market.

Many players in the market implies that there is high competition for the US market. During the post war period there was a very big difference in consumer habits. This is just as it has been shown in the animated by the name opportunity unlimited. The film is about middle-income consumers. Through this video there are many patterns and habits of the post war consumption that are brought to light. As opposed to the war period the post war period had many products being available to the middle-earning consumers.

What made it even better for them is that the country’s economy enabled them to buy these things. The middle-class people in the United States of America started spending on things that would improve their quality of life and living standards. During the post-war period, many people thought that it would be more beneficial to them if they move from the urban areas to the suburban areas. This is supported by the fact that there was a significant increase in the population in suburban areas during this period. There was also increased investments, the most notable being real estates in the suburban areas.

People started enjoying staying in the suburban areas with many investors seeing such areas as areas with very high potentials. People living the suburban areas started having a say on the things that they consumed. Just like in the urban areas the suburban dwellers started having a specific lifestyle that forced many producers to produce products that would match their lifestyles2. Due to the general increase in the population in the suburban areas they became much dominant when it came to determining the nature of the products that were availed to them.

With their cooperation and working together they were able to talk in a single voice thus influencing the nature of the products that were availed to them. During this period there was also another observable trend among suburban dwellers. People living in the suburban areas started wisely choosing the places where they bought the products that they used.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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