Business continuity and crisis management – Essay Example

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The manner and ways through which BCM assists business organisations in managing challenges are: Act as a monitoring mechanism Inspecting, maintaining, monitoring and controlling are the main functions of BCM. Activities and tasks performed by the business organisations are monitored and maintained by BCM at regular intervals. BCM designs and develops standards, policies, guidelines and procedures for discharging business functions effectively and efficiently (Watters 2010). In the past years, it has been identified that there were numerous business firms faced the problem of stoppage of business processes on account of economic uncertainty, rapid technological changes, unprecedented complexities and challenges, and so on.

BCM monitors all such challenges and situations and their implications on business process (Bizmanualz 2008). This monitoring task of BCM enable business firm to adapt and modify business processes in accordance with such challenges and situations. In this way, the early monitoring and inspecting of challenges by BCM existing in the business environment and its implications on business process enable business firms to cope and handle such challenges effectively. Monitoring and inspecting mechanism of BCM allows the business organisation in delivering services on a consistent and reliable basis.

This becomes possible due to proactive approach and nature of BCM. BCM monitors and inspects the business process and market changes as well on a simultaneous basis. This simultaneous monitoring develops enhanced capability among business firms in coping and handling risky and challenging situations (Waters 2007). Implementing operations control measures BCM help a business organisation in handling challenging and risky situations through implementing operating control measures. Operating control measures are implemented at each and every possible business activities irrespective of the role and importance of such activities.

It becomes crucial for business organisations to control certain operations and activities in order to satisfy commitments and mitigating impact of complicating and complex business situations (Steingold 2009). BCM requires business organisations to develop documented procedures to accomplish business tasks and activities. It has been identified that absence of documented procedures led to various types of deviations in business firms and sometimes results in various failures. BCM enable business firms to develop documented procedures and identify which operations are critical and need effective controlling and monitoring (Blyth 2009).


. Jamie Watters.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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