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Demonstrating American power and discrediting the common belief in the Middle East about US weakness was the psychological rationale. Iraq war was seen as a major step towards political and cultural transformation of the Middle East based on the ideological rationale (Tunc, 2005). He goes on to say that the American government viewed Baghdad as a democratic regime. It would also serve as a model of liberation and freedom for Iran and other Arab countries. For whatever the reasons are to go to war, it does have some effects on those who participate in it.

The effect to those fighting in the war may include a dependency of drugs and emotional problems, including explosive anger, excessive vigilance and a complete distrust of others. These are signs of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) which may culminate in suicide in some cases. In some instances, soldiers exhibit high levels of stress, a condition known as battle fatigue. Soldiers have been known to be startled by noises. In their minds, loud noises take them back to the battlefield, where they think it could be a bomb, or a sniper shooting at them.

Returning soldiers may also find it difficult to find jobs that suit them as their abilities are limited. It gets more frustrating when the government that sends one to war does not assist in looking for employment. In some instances, soldiers suffer from nightmares. Depression is also evident in some soldiers. Depression can be categorized it into three. Sadness depression that results from the losses one experienced in the field, for example, loss of fellow soldiers. This may also come about when soldiers loose a limb due to amputation or as a result of land mines.

Anger depression comes about when the soldiers are angry at themselves. Helplessness depression comes about when we feel that we are stuck, and there is no immediate remedy for the situation. “The Hairy Ape” by Eugene O’Neill Yank seems quite content with his life working in the stokehole. He claims it to be a man’s job and those who cannot handle it do not belong. Yank takes pride in the stokehole claiming that “dis is home”. He believes he is part of a machine, and he helps it to make the world move.

“I’m de end! I’m de start! I start somep’n and de woild moves! ” He also believes he is better than the people in the first cabin claiming that they are only baggage. Yank’s childhood was painful and was filled with constant fighting between his parents. “On Saturday nights when they both got a skinful day could put up a bout oughter been staged at de Garden. ” He tells Long that it was so intense that they broke all the furniture and still sent him to church on Sunday.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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