Climate change and corporate social responsibility and sustainability – Essay Example

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Moreover, critics upon its initiative to compete with other companies yet it thrives on genetically modified seeds, term it unfair. Thus, with respect to its social responsibility strategies, the company fails to meet the expected guidelines despite its commitments. Further, it influences the process of climate change significantly considering the factor that it produces pollutant chemicals. Conversely, the impact of climate on the Monsanto is equally aggressive. The company, as it engages in the agribusiness, the continuing changes within the weather and climatic patterns affect its productions and supply chains.

For instance, in sections where it has vast farmers relying on its productions, and factors of climate affect the farming conditions, and then it cannot sell its products, amassing losses from these factors. Additionally, when the factors of climate change affect the production areas where the company obtains its supplies for producing the herbicides among other products, then the costs of production for the company go high, affecting its profits (Leary, 2008, p 35). Moreover, climate change causes the company to lose its competitive advantage in the farming industry, especially considering that it has several farms producing agricultural produce, as the other farmers, it also suffers from climate change patterns.

Thus, much as it contributes significantly to the climate change, it also suffers the impacts of the climate change accordingly. Clothing and fashion industry: All American Clothing Company All American Clothing Company is among the clothing manufacturing company in America, producing variety in the fields of clothes and shoes among other wear products. The textile company engages the American population by facilitating quality clothing wears for the populations all manufactured within the local confines of the industry.

Further, the company gets its supply of cotton and other products required to manufacture the clothes from the local farmers in America. The company has a relatively high clientele, considering the quality and costs of its fashion wear as it facilitates to the American citizens as well as international customers who can purchase their products from online stores. The company traces its All American Jeans to the farmer in America who grows the cotton. The fashion industry is consequently under the emerging trends for need to incorporate environment friendly practices and manage the sustainability of the environment.

The industry gets its supplies from the environment and further produces products to use in the same environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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