Contemporary Consumer Behavior – Essay Example

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Consumer behavior concerns the actions of the consumers to purchase, dispose or use a product to satisfy their desires. The decision to choose a product lies in the consumer's choices to optimize their consumption schedules or wanted to be irrational. The traditional understanding highlighting the consumer needs concentrates on the old economic theory (Desmond, 2003). The determinants of consumption influence the consumer's decision (Welch, 2017). The consumer wants and needs tend to reoccur. The understanding of the consumer traits helps in making market projections that the market plays. The consumer behavior phenomenon can be depicted as a form of play as highlighted by the role theory.

For example, consumers in a market set up are choosers considering their actions in deciding on the alternatives to adopting (Clarke, 2013). As communicators, consumer behavior is brought forward since consumer choices play a critical part in creating communication. Consumers focus on goods that display their statuses and roles. The attachment is generated depending on the type of good or service redeemed. To seek its identity, the decision considers the products necessity in fulfilling the desires of the consumer (Solomon et al. , 2013).

Nonetheless, the consumer portrays an activist's traits when they want to boycott specific products perhaps because of failure to meet ethical standards or fail to meet their expectations. In this way, the consumer can act like a victim or a rebel depending on the failed pleasure sought hence restricting because of harmful or fraudulent offering at their disposal. The desire of the consumer is an ideal way of understanding the needs and wants of the consumer (Welch, 2017). This is apparent when a consumer expresses their wishes in attaining the product or service desired.

The sustainability of human wants follows the consumer behavior mechanisms in which the consumer considers the satisfaction redeemed from the good.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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