Corruption in the Correctional System – Essay Example

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However, inmates have more opportunities such as attending school, treatment and church programs and to work in many numbers of capacities just like in minimum correctional facility. There is greater diversity of rooming options and visits by outsiders such as relatives and friends. Minimum correction facility, keep the inmates under more pleasant environment such that, the inmates are allocated honor units or work farm to punish them. This hierarchy system serves as a resource to prison administrators to utilize as a reward for inmates who obey prison regulations and shows cooperation with prison staff.

Rewards can be used as a system of maintain order among the inmates in the jail. Those inmates that comply with the rule and participate in formal programs are moved rapidly through the prison system as the prison administrator view the reward as a system that provide control measures on the inmates. Therefore, a correction facility practices this form of hierarchical model to prevent further criminal activity in the jail by the inmates and provide security so that the inmates cannot break out of the jail.

On the other hand, by the practice of reward and punishment by the correction facility ensures that inmates conform to prison rules maintain the status quo hence inmates progress with the prison system in an orderly and peaceful manner. On the other hand, hierarchy shows the prison use a military style to control inmates in order to maintain security within the prison. Lastly, hierarchy system has the advantage that there is good control and security and minimizes inmate escapes. Contrary, it has a disadvantage that there is high tension of riots and psychological and physical trauma to inmates (Steele, 1975). Gang Involvement inside the Correctional System It is very ironical that majority of the inmates are jailed to inculcate and reform from anti-social behavior such as robbery yet when they get to the jail, they operate as gangs inside the jail.

The blame is inevitable from the prison authority as their reluctant and ignorance has encouraged them to practice corruption giving a chance for operation of prison gang that usually operates in secrecy and has its goal to conduct gang activities by controlling their prison environment through intimidation and violence directed towards non-members.

Prison gang as social group operate inside prisons with the support from street gangs and collaboration of deviant prison authorities who in return receives a share of the ant-social activity conducted by the prison gang such as drug trafficking that is common in many correction system all over the world.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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