Costs of Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees to students in the European Union versus costs to students pursuing undergraduate/graduate degrees in the United States – Essay Example

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Costs of Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees to in the European Union versus costs to pursuing undergraduate/graduate degrees in theUnited States Name of the student Name of the course Name of the instructor Date Introduction: Taking education from reputed and recognized university is expensive for students and their parents. The fees of the universities have a discouraging affect on the students who are poor or belong to the middle class. In recent years, the fees of different universities have increased a lot across the globe and it is becoming difficult for the students to study in a reputed college or university.

In countries, where education was not expensive, a major increase in the fees has been observed in the past few years. The example is Canada where the fee structure doubled in the last ten years. The fees of universities differ in terms of the courses, level of degree and between national or international students. Students take admission in the institutions where they are able to bear the fees because the cost of education varies from region to region. The international students are very particular in taking admission in those colleges or universities where they can afford the fees because most of these students take financial aids from the bank or funded by themselves.

The international students have to show their financial balance sheet in order to take admission in a good university and they have to prove from their balance sheet that they can afford all the expenses in the first year of their education. If they are not able to meet these requirements, then they are not eligible to apply for student’s visa. In the universities of USA, it is comparatively easy to get admission because of the facility of university funding but in UK and other European countries, it is relatively difficult to take admission.

The students in order apply in universities of Europe fulfill more complexed requirements and formalities and because of variation in the education cost, these universities deal with two aspects that include the cost of tuition and living expense. The purpose of this study is to compare the cost of educational degree in USA and European Union and compare which region is more suitable to study for students. Higher education differs from university to university and it is not sure that how college experience of student is going to be.

In each university, there are different rules and regulations that students have to follow to compete with the social standard and reputation of university.


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