Discrimination of Women Nurses in Qatar – Essay Example

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However, the reverse is the case because many of these nurses who end up Qatar face discrimination at workplace especially women as they are assigned duties that devalue their morals and personality (SYMES, 2015). An interview with the nurse in Qatar points to a new direction on how individuals who end in Qatar face serious discrimination after being brought into the country through job agencies. The discrimination against nurses explains why these women receive poor pay, as the interviewee confirmed and this is a problem that is deeply rooted in the society. The discrimination of women in nursing is better understood by first identifying the percentage of women participation in labor as recommended by the society.

In general, women are not fairly represented in the labor market as evident from the dominance of male professionals in most of the career sectors. Although women are equally educated in Qatar to assume the roles in various employment positions like nursing and other fields, the woman nurse interviewee ascertained that discrimination based on gender difference is a major constraint to ensuring gender equality in the nursing profession (Interview).

On the other hand, the interviewee agreed that this negative perception stems from the negative attributes that the society has towards women taking roles in careers that are meant to be assumed by the male professions, and this perception paints the women nurses as being unfit to hold those positions. In addition, the Qatar society, also confirmed by the interviewee is Muslim dominated as a society that holds the male counterparts with high regards, but gives little respect to women thus women who take up nursing profession are seen as not to be conforming with the values of the religion that they believe influence as well as shape lives of the individuals.


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Appendix: Interview with a Qatar Woman Nurse

Introduction: This interview is meant to help a study on the perception of nursing profession in Qatar. Your participation is highly participation as the results of the interview will enable the study to explore the obstacles to ensuring gender diversity among the health care organisations in Qatar.

Interview: how long have you served as a nurse in Qatar?

Nurse: I have over 5 years’ experience as a nurse in Qatar, since 2008.

Interview: would you describe your work experience as satisfactory?

Nurse: mmmh…partly. Being a nurse is quite challenging in a society like Qatar

Interview: what makes the job quite challenging as you have mentioned?

Nurse: Well, here in Qatar, nursing has a bad image especially for the female professionals. It is difficult to come by a nursing job if you area a female and especially if you hail from the Qatar community like me.

Interview: by this you mean the society does not accept female nurses?

Nurse: Yes, to a great extent. Being a nurse in Qatar is a matter of an important personal choice since the society here perceives nurses as dishonorable, dirty immoral and a profession that lowers women standards.

Interview: So by this you mean female nurses are condemned in Qatar?

Nurse: Yes. Because nursing goes against the female values as stipulated in the Islam religion.

The society expects and compels women to be submissive and anyone going against these values is considered rebellious hence not accepted by the society.

Interview: What are some of the stereotypes that are associated to being a nurse in Qatar?

Nurse: That a nurse has no chance of getting married because of working in an entirely male dominated profession. The society also condemns the image of nurses without covering their heads in veil and this makes one an outcast in the Qatar society.

Interview: is the same hostility experienced in the work environment?

Nurse: Although this is gradually changing, the profession is also discriminative of women because Qatar health care facilities would rather employ foreign female nurses instead of the local nurses. Also being a male dominated profession in Qatar, the gender discrimination is there for everyone to see.

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