Discuss the definition and the sources of Christian theology, and how is systematic theology related to biblical theology and Christian ethics – Essay Example

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Some theologizes have defined systematic theology in various ways. A more simplified definition was provided by Lewis Sperry chafer, the founder president of Dallas theological seminary as “systematic theology can be defined as the collecting, scientifically arranging, compering, exhibiting, and defending of all facts and every source concerning God and His works” (systematic theology, 8 vols. Dallas: Dallas seminary, 1947) another theologian said “all facts and every source concerning God and His Works” (Lewis Sperry Chafer, 1948). Systematic theology proclaims the truth of the bile as well as helping one to apply in life experience.

The central categories of systematic theology are Theology proper (introduction to Hermeneutics; doctrine of god); Bibliology (doctrine of the bible); Christology (Doctrine of Christ); Pneumatology (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit); Angelology (Doctrine of Angels); Demonology (doctrine of demons); Anthropology (Doctrine of man); Hamartiology (doctrine of sin)’ soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation); Ecclesiology (doctrine of the church); and Eschatology (Doctrine of the End times) “Biblical theology” in theological studies has a technical meaning. It is the larger category that contains both Old Testament theology and New Testament theology. In biblical theology special attention is given to the teachings of individual authors and sections of scripture.

The boundaries between biblical theology and systematic theology usually overlap as they are interrelated, Part of one study usually composite into the next study. Though biblical theology and systematic theology can be said to be integrated it is important to note that they also differ. Biblical theology will tend to trace a historical development of a doctrine and the way in which ones place at some point in that historical development affects ones understanding and application of that particular doctrine.

Another focus of biblical theology is whereby the understanding of each doctrine that the biblical authors and their original hearers or readers possessed is adhered to. When we begin to focus on the Old Testament theology the featured themes include; Edenic Era: this is a theme of the beginning that is recorded in the book of genesis. It tells the story of how an all-powerful, holy God who created the world out of nothing. The apex of God’s creation was the creation of man and woman, whom they sinned through choosing to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The intervention of God was through he promises of bringing a savior who would provide forgiveness of sin and defeat of Satan and thus reestablish God’s righteous rule.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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