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The self-awareness by individual can help in personal developed. Effective workforce diversity and unique leadership style of the management of Tesco is helping the organization to handle such a large diverse workforce (Diller, 2010, p. 81). Significant diversity activities are helping Tesco to overcome its contemporary internal and external challenges. Reflection Diversity is pivotal part of organization which can help to increase company revenue and response to the changing condition in the market. Conclusion Effective work in diversity environment in organization can help to prevent discrimination and increase productivity. Diversity in workplace can create more exposure to employees to meet people of different cultural background.

Tesco workforce diversity is maintained by balance different cultural background employees. Communication Introduction Effective communication is vital part for every organization as it can help to groom and motivate the environment. Organization communication is required for employee self-esteem and motivation. Employee-management relation is pivotal for successful organization by implementation of effective communication. Vodafone is the multinational telecommunication company in United Kingdom implemented effective communication in organization. This essay will discuss about the application and importance of communication in Vodafone Company. Discussion Communication is pivotal to help employees to effectively collaborate and build relationships among the employees and staff members.

An expressive open communication atmosphere at workplace can benefit to express employee’s views and suggestions. Individual communication skill is vital for any organizational environment. The application of personal communication skills can help employees to feel trusted and valued. Effective communication in organization created collegial atmosphere and team work among the groups (Ludden, 2007, p. 73). The uncertainty surroundings around the company can be nullified by the application of open communication. The success of every organization depends upon the ability to communicate with other people.

Vodafone provide enhanced communication services which are easily affordable and reliable. The communication service of Vodafone is secure and seamless. The benefits of effective communication skills are it act as a motivational factor, help is decision making process and build attitude of people. Top hierarchy level of Vodafone implements several strategy which helped employees to build strong relation between the members of organization and express their views regarding and issues.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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