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The centre of this movement was established in Vienna. It therefore strived to create a home in Palestine for the Jewish that was secured by public law. The movement was established to foresee a new creation of the home for Jews that could be wel protected by national and international law. This was to be done through the influence of powerful leaders that were to petition and create a charter to create a homeland. They had another tough that the home could be created by the settlement and hence creation of Jewish community.

They believed that agriculture would help form basis for the community. The Balfour Declaration This was a declaration that was made in November 1917 and was in letter form that came from the British Foreign Secretary known as Lord Arthur James. This was then delivered to Chaim Weizmann that was by then a Zionist activist. The letter expressed support by the British towards the “national home” for the Jewish in Palestine. Different explanations are offered towards the agreed support by British. Among the top theories was that the British were courting the Jews due to their money interests so as to float a loan for Britain and to bring USA into the war.

In this they promised to use all their efforts to achieve the aim of building a national home for the Jewish and nothing shall happen to prejudice religious and civil right of those that were non Jewish in Palestine. Balfour openly declared his zeal and support in the establishment of the homeland in the area of Palestine. The Arab Israeli wars existed and were in four levels.

The first war was that of 1948 that emphasized on the war for independence. The second one occurred in 1956 and was termed as the war of Sinai. The third and the fourth war occurred in 1967 and as six day war while the Yom Kippur war occurred in 1973. However in these wars, Israel was able to defend itself and hence won the fight. The consequence of each war was that after each of them there was withdrawal by the Israeli Army from the areas they had captured.

They then helped fight for peace in these areas. The Intifada which means throwing off was the Palestinian rebellion grassroots against Israel that started in spread quickly to Gaza and it immediately captured the world’s attention. This was used to steer the fight against Israeli against oppression and denial of human rights. The Arab Spring The Arab Spring was composed of protests and uprisings in the Middle East. In the year 2010, the unrest in Tunisia led to the beginning of the Arab spring that has continually spread to other parts of the Arab countries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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