Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing – Essay Example

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The first thing we learn from this is the role of informed consent in nursing. In this, the family understands why the treatment is being administered and the situation puts both the doctors and nurses in a moral dilemma. Ethical dilemmas are an everyday situation in hospitals. In definition, ethics includes judgments made from determining what is wrong or rights according to one’s profession as well as the legal principles. (Bezerra do Amaral, 2012). Mr. Smith provides a case where giving him the IV antibiotics can be considered unethical, unprofessional and illegal since the patient is not willing.

Moral dilemma indeed. In relation to this situation, we comprehend professionalism as the set of activities that a nurse acts upon to a patient at any time so as to keep the health of the patient as a priority. (Benjamin, 2010). Academic literature is employed by the MDT to come up with solution for the UTI. Through reviewing NMC code, nurses tend to have the role of getting on a personal level with the patient, understanding the patient and helping them in their healing process while administering the needed prescription.

(Ma, 2013) The nurse dealing with Mr. Smith did not adhere by this to help the MDT realize that the patient might be of sober mind but has other reasons that prompt him to refuse the drug. The nurse did not agree with Mr. Smith, neither did he or she try to have a talk with him. The principles of nursing demand that a nurse has the power to influence a patient. (Spear, 2010). Ethically, a nurse provides better patient care by creating a caring and respectful atmosphere for the patient.

Mr. Smith has been declared as a patient who is not of sound mind hence his rights as a patient have been given up to the family and the doctors. This might be a wrong solution to this problem because, Mr. Smith was not taken to a psychiatrist to determine whether his state of mind is sound or not. Legally, this is a wrong decision to declare a patient’s state of mind as unsound prior to testing. Accountability as well as the standard code of conduct allow a nurse to serve as an advocate of the patient.

Therefore, all matters brought up by the doctors and Mr. Smith’s family must have been analyzed by his nurse before any hasty decision was made. (Sockolow, 2010). This creates a moral dilemma whereby, while saving the life of Mr. Smith is very important, going against his will of refusing the treatment can cost the nurse her job. All registered nurses must serve patients regardless of what the physician or the family members think is best.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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