Evaluating an International Human Resource Strategy (TESCO) – Essay Example

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Evaluation of an International Human Resource Strategy Inserts His Her Inserts Grade Inserts Introduction The purpose, aim and subject of this report is basically the evaluation of international human resource strategy of Tesco Plc within its local jurisdiction and its start up of new joint venture association with another partner in other country, i.e. in our case is China. I would be writing this report as a HR manager, reporting directly to HR director of the organization. I would be directly and merely responsible and obliged to carry out the entire evaluation and analysis of various HR issues and strategies that has to be watched out and properly planned out when Tesco Plc plans to extend its internal operations and activities to China region.

Moreover, I would be discussing the entire chunk of international HR strategy into the following five major and broad categories, namely; Recruitment and selection Training and development Reward management Performance Management Employee Involvement In addition, I would be stressing out the major issues which the Tesco Plc representatives and it HR department would have to be catered with when extending and flourishing its activities into another region of world on the basis of contractual relationships with its new appointed joint venture partners.

Furthermore, I would also be discussing and detailing out some of the other relevant aspects and areas related to Tesco plc, which would probably be including; Key economic drivers in the host country A comparative analysis of HR systems globally Cultural and other essential issues that influence the development and implementation of HRM strategy Some vital statistic of international operations in international market by Tesco Plc Highlights on some quantitative measurements and statistics of Company’s performances and financial standings Hence, the overall and comprehensive purpose of this report is the evaluation, recommendation and analysis of vital and relevant international HR strategies and issues with which Tesco Plc would be challenged when it plan out to take certain growth initiatives under is business circle with its foreign joint venture partner in the market area of China. Company profile, brief history and Background Tesco PLC is one of the largest and popular British multinational Company which is directly engaged and associated in the business of grocery and general nature merchandise retailer, having its headquarter in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire in England, United Kingdom (Tescoplc. com, 2014).


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