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The toilet paper is not sensitive compared to other fine art categories like fine art pictures that require much attention when holding (Lecture notes, Design: Judging Design ). Image Styles The image style that is significant to my experience with the object is representational art. Representational art is where an object is clearly recognizable for what it is. The object indicates the relationships of a person to nature. Trees are used in the manufacture of the toilet paper through paper processing mills. Representation art stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain through its intellectual content and gives non-verbal stimuli to the right hemisphere of the brain (Fuzzy Logic 101).

In my encounter with the toilet paper roll, it is easy to see from far that it is a white roll but until I had a closer look did I notice the patterns on it and its texture. The color of the paper is bright to promote its visibility and increase its association with people. This is because people tend to love bright colors. Dull colors are often overlooked by consumers. The dotted lines and the perfume enhance the look of the toilet paper roll making it look extravagant.

Its packing technique makes it attractive and easily identifiable by consumers of the commodity. The design is tailored to resonate with the consumer’s expectations and spells out their preference. The toilet paper could be viewed from the perspective of functionalism style. The object is good and performs its motive well. The purpose of toilet paper is to make the washroom encounter enjoyable. The way the toilet paper is designed with absorbent papers makes it comfortable and serves the purpose well.

The way the toilet paper is packaged in a circular manner makes it easier for use. This could be related to the style of expressionism. This is because the object provokes the emotions of confidence and pride. Step 2: Research The toilet paper roll picture Source: Walmart Stores. "Sparkle Pick-A-Size Giant Rolls Paper Towels Thirst Pockets, 107 Sheets, 8 Rolls. " Walmart. com. Walmart Stores, Inc. , 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 27 Dec. 2014.. The above source provides a link for the toilet paper roll. The toilet paper roll is an example of a product readily available in the market and the way they are packaged.

According to Abraham Maslow, values are importantly equivalent to requirements, and they are hierarchical in nature.

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