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It usually starts with an assessment of the needs of the downtrodden and a vision is created after analyzing and reporting information of these people. A core group is formed who prioritize the issues and convenes a group of interested persons who can devote time on voluntary basis. This takes shape of a loosely shaped organization that grows with time and it becomes to infuse professionals. This happens as planning groups begin to think about the action steps necessary to create change in the community and members of the group realize that they do not have sufficient knowledge to make decisions about action plans.

This is when the group finally becomes an Institution to be run by professionals on organized lines. The Goodwin Development Trust started in 1993 under the name of Goodwin Resource Centre Association. The formation of Goodwin was initiated by a group of concerned local residents who were fearful of the growing consequences of the lack of concern for life on the Thornton Estate and who wanted to bring hope to the people who lived in the district.

The people of Hull decided that instead of watching the area develop into another ghetto, they would give it a bright and shining future. A Trust was formed and they became the original Board of Trustees of the new charity. It was duly documented and granted official recognition (Registered Charity No. 1098520) The, initiative, willingness and determination on the part of the original volunteers of Goodwin to achieve something good for their community showed the foresight they had. What could have become an eyesore, and a formation of malevolence, became a garden of hope.

It was a novel move and the community realized that it was their social obligation to participate in the upliftment of a section of their own society that had fallen to bad times. The first home of Goodwin was across the road from where it is currently located, in one of the shops on Goodwin Parade. It was described as “a dingy and dirty row of estate shops which was to be the cradle of the golden seed which has grown into Goodwin. ” The organisation now known by the name "The Goodwin Group of Companies" changed over from a small aid organization into a limited company with charitable status and became known as Goodwin Development Trust Ltd.

In addition, there is the Goodwin Community Trading Ltd. which is the subsidiary trading arm of the main company, and a constant and reliable source of internal funds. By this time, the trustees of Goodwin became trustee/directors and for the first time in its history, Goodwin voted in a new chair now occupied by Priestly.


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