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According to the present emerging growth of the global industries, it has been observed that the organisations seek to take adequate measures in order to prevent various environmental hazards through rendering and performing different business operations. Moreover, the organisations in the present business world are also focused on improving their range of business practices including manufacturing, supplying as well as operational practices to promote environmental consciousness within the globalised markets (Vlek & Steg, 2007). As per the present growth of the business competitiveness, the development of environmental policy is an imperative decision for the global marketers in order to build long-term sustainability in the global market.

The major advantage of environmental protection related initiatives significantly includes the safeguarding of the natural assets that are essential to prevent various hazardous natural calamities (Morelli, 2011). It can be identified that a range of global and national organisations are highly focused on promoting environmental sustainability which is merely a different practice as compared to the organisational functions. However, the concern is being mandated by the organisations to its various internal and external operations.

The internal factors of the organisations include resource competence, business opportunities as well as social conscientiousness and the external factors that are highly essential for an organisation to promote environmental sustainability encompass policies, regulations, competition and compliance requirement along with the expectation level of the potential stakeholder groups (Subramanian & et. al, 2011). Current Strategic Position of RGH in Environmental Sustainability The current environmental policy of RGH is highly focused in implementing of significant and proactive initiatives in order to defend as well as sustain in the both national and global business environments.

The organisation has recognised its impact on the environment and highly conscious upon the effective measures which could prevent to occur different detrimental consequences. Therefore, the business operations of RGH are considerably focused on its major practice towards maintaining environmental sustainability within its business environment [2] (Royal Garden Hotel, 2012). With regards to the environmental initiatives of RGH, it has been observed that the organisation possesses an effective environmental policy and law which incorporates various obligations and legal considerations to promote the efficiency of environmental awareness.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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