How has the rapid growth of Dubai's economy impacted its long term urban planning as well as its architectural value – Essay Example

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It should be noted that with the aid of economic prosperity, new structures and architectural projects were started in Dubai that replaced traditional buildings. As a matter of fact, the change in lifestyle was not resisted by the inhabitants as economic prosperity made their lives much easier. The inhabitants of Dubai felt privileged and developed as they transformed their ways of living2. In order to build new structures, the inhabitants needed help from the construction companies abroad. Soon they understood that there will be a constant need of architectural planning for which deals and ventures were signed that allowed construction companies to shift their businesses to Dubai.

There were new techniques and methods that were adopted in Dubai modern constructions. Advancement was also noted in the styles of architecture. It was marked that both Muslim and modern features were made use of while constructing projects. Local architects also joined hands with the foreign construction companies and learnt modern ways of construction3. Some of the most notable features that were introduced in the architecture of Dubai included air-condition units. As mentioned above, previously, inhabitants of Dubai were involved in using materials for their courtyards that responded to harsh weather conditions.

However, the modern construction methods made sure that air-condition units were created in the residential as well as commercial projects of Dubai. The fact to be noted here is that people in traditional times made use of air-catcher features in the building to maintain cooling in the building. Also, solid materials such as steel, brass, glass were used in replacement of older materials of construction. In addition, variations of materials and fusion of different frames were experimented in Dubai which is now being used worldwide.

It can be said that with the economic impact and advancement in architecture, people from all around the world have started to study the history of Dubai. This makes it Dubai as one of the most attractive cities of the world. One of the concerns that were noted previously was that traditional structures were not natural disaster proofed. With the economic prosperity, the inhabitants of Dubai were actually able to adopt modern way of construction that was based upon concrete framing.

These frames are able to respond to natural disasters. It should be noted that despite the fact that economic activity in Dubai has increased by large, there are still many architects in Dubai who try to preserve the traditional style of architecture.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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