How are online technologies changing the way we live – Essay Example

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Secondly, the authors also report that online shopping is becoming famous due to the ability of the internet to provide product and services information. Online sellers offer detailed descriptions and explanations relating to their products, and this information is used by consumers when deciding on the items to purchase. Finally, online shopping exposes consumers to more products and services, and this makes the shopping process cost effective and easy. Consumers are able to get the best products at the best prices. The idea of convenience as a major driver for online shopping is also highlighted in the article by Liudmila Bagdoniene and Jurgita Zemblyte (2009) in which the authors focus on the online shopping behavior of Lithuanian Consumers.

Out of the 277 participants involved this study, 70% of stated that online shopping is convenient since allows for 24-hour shopping and helps consumers use time better. It helps consumers save time by eliminating the need to physically visit stores. In addition, the results of this study show that many Lithuanian online shoppers prefer this mode of shopping since product varieties are increased.

In a study conducted by McKinsey & Company (2013) through its iConsumer program, more than 200 000 consumers took part in the study. The aim of the study was to identify how digital technologies are shaping consumer purchasing patterns. The findings show that most consumers use their computers and mobile phones to conduct online searches before purchasing an item. This further illustrates how the internet allows consumers access more product and service information before purchasing the items. The biggest sources of this information include search engines, store websites and social media (Hazan & Wagener, 2013).

In addition, the results further show that items previously purchased off-online, such as furniture and footwear, are not researched and bought online. The research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (2012) on the characteristics of online shoppers in the United States revealed that convenience was among the major factors that contributed to the adoption of online shopping. Many shoppers see this mode of purchasing goods and services to be easy and efficient. The purchase of intangible products or services online has been on the rise. The internet has been seen as a convenient way of purchasing such items, and this further explains why online shopping has been on the rise.

In an article by Charoensuk Siripong (2010), the author focuses on the main drivers behind the online purchase of telecommunication services in Thailand.


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