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Its activities involve multiple functions performing in different platforms of the media. More than 20 brands of the media are managed by the company and these include television, radio, publishing, games, digital media, printing, as well as other broadcasting media. There are a number of subsidiaries working for the organization that include leading companies in the field of media like Imagenation Abu Dhabi, LIVE, United Printing Press (UPP) and others. The three main divisions performing the functions for the company are the Broadcast, Publishing, and the Digital Media. These operating divisions perform together towards achieving the goals of the company and aiding in the functions of several media companies including different channels of the television media, channels of the radio stations, newspapers, magazines and some of the popular websites as well (Our Company, n.d. ). The primary aim of Abu Dhabi Media Company is to become the leader in the media industry in the region from the viewpoint of business, modernization and involvement of the viewers.

The main focus of the company is in the development of its quality and in newer innovations.

The company believes in improving its content which is the most essential component of the technological advancement as the company believes it to be. Thus the strategies of the company are focused towards involving the advanced technologies prevailing in the market. Thus the vision and missions of the company can be seen to combine the skill and knowledge of the organizational members, the advancement in technology, and development of market segments searching for newer opportunities and modifications. Development of advanced games is another major objective of the company (Abu Dhabi Media Company, 2011).

Thus keeping in view the goals and objectives of the company, the management of Abu Dhabi Media and its team of human resource management determine measures to be implemented towards successfully leading the industry. 3. Human Resource Management at Abu Dhabi Media Company: Abu Dhabi Company has a team leading the human resources department and looking after the factors and activities of the employees towards achievement of their goals and objectives. Saeed Hamad Al Dhaheri is the director of the human resources department at the company. He looks after the operations and functions providing with the proper decision making and leadership for the successful implementation of the strategies of human resources, the innovative measures following appropriate rules and regulations of the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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