Leadership and HRM – Essay Example

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It started with the founder, J Marriot who counselled the employees on their personal problems, kept them posted about the latest happenings within the organization and provided them with excellent training. He made his mangers responsible for the satisfaction of his employees. Apart from providing the employees with a competitive pay package, Marriot strives to give its employees a quality work life, good leadership, friendly work environment, better growth opportunities, adequate training. It is this emphasis on non monetary factors that has helped Marriot to retain its employees for a longer period of time.

The HR practices have provided Marriot with a competitive advantage because they have spent years in carefully studying, perfecting and redesigning the HR practices and policies. As a result they have been successful in creating a system of well trained staff that is capable of delivering higher level of service. Their system and processes of training new employees enables them to inculcate in the new workers the skill and knowledge that are required to consistently deliver the desired performance. All throughout they have focussed on creating a unified system of HR practices and policies that is well documented and quickly learned by the employees (Abraham Pizam, 2010).

The performance management system at the Marriot measures the performance of each individual in context of the mission of Marriot. The performance at Marriot is described in terms of the balance scorecard which is customer focussed process and planning improvement system that translates there strategy into an integrated set of non financial and financial measures. Marriot is committed to balance scorecard approach and there are four universal performance measures that guide the work of all their staffs.

Satisfaction ratings are conducted once a year. These ratings provide important feedback during the performance appraisal system of the managers. Each year, the associates are appraised, but the appraisal process varies according to the employment category within the hotel. After information from the balance scorecard is compiled for a year, the associates are assessed on past twelve months achievement, and their goals for the next twelve months is negotiated (Green, Maxwell, Watson, 139- 140, 2002) The HR support programmes include “Advance Management Skill” course and the “Foundations of Leadership course” that involves topics such as Stephen Covey`s “seven habits of successful people”, “train the trainer”, “navigating through change”.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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