Managerial Marketing – Essay Example

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A person with full of knowledge about the sales area will know the customer demand of the product (Graham and Harker, pp. 85-95). The market research and Ethics The basic role for a marketing research is the relation between the purchaser and the producer at the market place. It also helps in flowing of the information from the market or from the customers to the producer for the goods or service that are being produced in the market. There are three main players in the market research namely the producers, the customers, and the market researcher, who plays a very vital role in the market to establish ethical resources of the organization.

The ethical decision can be made on the following decisions: The relationship between the researcher and the clients. There is a very good relation between the researchers and the clients who are doing the market research of a particular product or a service. Between the researcher and the marketing researcher industry. After collecting all the data the information should be maintained by the market researcher and make sure that the information should not be shared in any other purposes.

This is the most important ethics of any marketing strategy to be followed by. The ethical problem in marketing can form conflicts and misunderstanding among the marketing researcher. There are some ethical issues in the market that are maintaining the privacy of the customer which is to be maintained strictly by the market researcher. If the information is conducted irresponsibly then a good customer will find a new producer and the goodwill in the market will get affected which can lead to a very serious issues. Selection of market is to discourage the demand in the market sectors there are full sized market and the undesirable market sector will be disqualified them altogether.

There is another ethical issue that is related to the markets that are up coming in the developing countries. The publics are not very aware of the skill in the marketing techniques that are to be played. These ethical issues arrive when people are not doing their duties with responsibility. Codes of ethics The codes of ethics are the means to maintain high ethical standards in the business.

The discussion of the top management has addressed some of the methods of the ethical issues. They can be followed the strategies like (1) first to examine all the problems of the ethical issues by the individuals, (2) to examine all the problems that are done by the marketing managers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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