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Given the harsh environmental conditions they are supposed to face as children and due to the lack of options present to them, it would be best if the available option was made more favourable. Hilson believes that there are measures that can be taken to tackle the problem. The basic is to understand who all are involved and the problems they are facing; unless we understand the situation clearly we cannot help them. The best way is to use the local knowledge for maintaining the economic conditions and at the same time safety standards can also be given due consideration.

ASM has its limitations but completely ousting the system is not the solution for developing countries. “30th Jan 2014: Seminar on agriculture and development by Steve Wiggins” Agriculture is often associated with poverty and something that only poor deal in. However, it is important to understand that without agriculture we cannot survive and hence what becomes important is to understand agriculture and its role in development process and using developed technologies for sustainable development of agriculture.

Thus, it becomes important to realize the strong bond between agriculture and development which Wiggins achieves through his seminar. Wiggins (2014) says that in low income countries, especially without minerals, agricultural growth is more effective in reducing poverty than services or manufacturing. I think that for anybody to understand the concept one has to either live in the conditions or should be given a descriptive information about the situation. It is the latter through which Wiggins explained why agriculture is important for development in developing economies. Most of the developing economies are said to be agriculture dependent countries and it has been seen that neglect of agriculture had consequences like rise in food costs, rural depression, urban riots (Wiggins, 2014).

The importance of agriculture can never be denied as there’s production of food, as a commodity what can be more important than food and hence the benefits in form of foreign exchange earnings, besides there can also be development of domestic industry. I had always been of the opinion that even though agriculture cannot be completely denied however, associating it with development of a country is going too far.

This is especially true in the current “technologically rich” scenario where almost everything is associated with technology. Never has the economic progress of a country been associated with agriculture but with the industrial development.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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