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Consequently, these parties would be too sensitive to identify reasons for disqualifying a country from an alternative region than they would a country from the two blocks and this could be the basis of all the reasons that have been raised against Qatar’s ability to host the world cup. Any consideration against the country should therefore consider favoritism and equity, rationales that justify Qatar as the country to host the world cup, as a country that has never hosted the event and even as a representation of a region that has only hosted the event only once in almost a century-long period of the event (FIFA 1). Benefits that world cup hosts derive from the event is another reason that justify the decision to hold the event in Qatar and this can be explored from two perspectives.

The first rationale that justifies the need to host the event in Qatar is the possible scramble for these benefits to be in a particular region. Australia and the United States placed their bids for hosting the world cup, alongside other Asian countries and their interest and those of their allies, in the benefits, could be behind negative criticism against Qatar.

Care should therefore be taken before considering the criticisms against Qatar because of potential conflict of interest. Another rationale in the debate is consideration of benefits that Qatar could earn from hosting the world cup and the country’s need for these benefits means that it deserve to host the event. While one could easily agree to the fact that the Asian region deserve to host the event in order to attract the benefit, an understanding of history of the other Asian countries that placed bids to host the event, with respect to hosting it, justifies Qatar’s need to have won the event.

Korea and Japan that ails from the regions, for example, hosted the event in the year 2002 and this means that in considering both regions and countries, Qatar deserves to host the 2022 world cup than any of the other bidding countries (FIFA1 1). In relating the benefits to Qatar, it deserves to host the world the event’s ability to facilitate development of new facilities and improvement of existing facilities that are consistent with the event’s activities.

The country is for example bound to build more stadia for the events and to improve its existing facilities to standards that are required for hosting the world cup and the most significant advantage is that hosting the tournament offers the country a better opportunity to attract external investors for the developments, including FIFA.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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