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The last phase is the implementation of the marketing plan. I will provide the strategies that can be used to implement the marketing plan. In case the project progresses according to plan, CA Technologies will benefit from improved and increased marketing activities, which are focused on the achievement of the firm’s organizational goals. Proposed Tasks Phase 1 Phase one will span over a period of four weeks, and it will involve activities that seek to identify the marketing problems facing CA Technologies. This is the data collection and research part of the project.

The aim of this phase is to identify the firm’s need for a marketing plan. Data will be collected using qualitative and quantitative study method. Surveys and interviews will be conducted within the projected timeframe. Results from this phase will play a crucial role in guiding the second phase of the project. The phase is divided into four categories of activities, which are the assessment of the firm’s marketing environment, assessment of the organizational environment, collection of data and information and analysis of the data. 1. Assessment Of The Firm’s Marketing Environment This assessment is important for the identification of the marketing strengths and weaknesses of the firm.

The aim of this assessment is to establish how the marketing environment of CA Technologies influences its process. The assessment will focus on the internal and external marketing environment and its impact on the ability of the firm to competitively take opportunities in the market (Luther, 2011). The area of concern is whether the marketing environment contributes to the maintenance and development of important assets. This may be in the form of partners, consumers, knowledge and brand.

2. Assessment Of The Organizational Environment Activities in this category include the assessment of how the firm’s organizational environment influences marketing activities. It is vital to consider the impact of the firm’s organizational structure on its marketing activities. This step will also assess the contributions of different workers to CA Technology’s marketing activities (Luther, 2011). The workplace will be assessed in order to determine the levels of communication and collaboration at the firm. 3. Collection Of Data Data will be collected using a number of tools. A formal data collection method will be used because of its ability to gather accurate and defined data.

The data collected from this stage will be used for decision making.


Luther, W. M. (2011). The marketing plan: How to prepare and implement it. New York: AMACOM.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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