The Main Advantages of Sales Force Automation – Essay Example

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(Sales Force Automation: quoted in manyfreearticle. info). Before embarking upon the topic, it would be appropriate to elaborate some terms related to it. Sales Phenomenon—Introduction and Significance It has aptly been said that sales uphold the most dominant place in the development and growth of corporate firms, organizations and their products as well. There takes place nothing in a business in reality until and unless a sale is made or conducted. It is the sales phenomenon that gives a go to the establishment of various positions and departments within a corporate company or organizational structure.

Sales provide the fuel that keeps the corporate engines humming. Companies like Cisco Systems, International Paper, Johnson Controls and several thousands other manufacturers would cease to exist without successful sales people. (Lamb et al: 2005 p 432) Companies allocate huge resources and stipulate significant ratio of their annual budgets to their advertising plan in order to enhance their sales on the basis of which they can increase the volume of their production and penetrate into international markets according to the changing scenario of global marketing strategies.

Millions of dollars have been spent investigating and pursuing ways to grow sales, and no wonder; after all, sales are the lifeblood of an organization. (Owen & Miller: 2004 p 1) AUTOMATION Automation simply means the use of machinery while performing the duties and obligations through an autonomous system. It is mainly used for examining of regression, performance, stress, configuration as well as sanity testing with the help of machinery. Automation has brought revolutionary changes in almost all the fields of human life including sales and marketing.

SALES RESEARCH Sales and marketing are almost synonymous terms used in respect of contacting clients and customers for the consumption of a product. Sales research refers to the systematic procedure for the collection and analysis of data regarding some specific market product. It enables the manufacturers, industries and companies to have a comprehensive and analytical assessment in respect of the views, preferences, requirements as well as prospects and perils of the consumers, retailers and stakeholders involved in sales and purchase of their product.

The data gathered and interpreted during the research significantly supports the organizations draw out future plans according to the changing trends and scenario of the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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