Sexuality and chronic illness – Essay Example

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Therefore, cloth color is used as a way to view one’s gender. Cognition is a way that individuals use to view themselves as being male or female. It is through how each person’s thoughts process abilities. When children start to think about being female or male, their activities become organized according to gender. This influences them to behave like girls or boys as culture in which they live in defining. Though it is obvious there is a difference in physical appearance between genders, the appearance, however, comes to be recognized through a cultural, social and political converse (Wincze & Carey, 2001). Since people use different ways in viewing themselves as either feminine or masculine, at times they adopt certain behaviors to express their views.

In many cultures taking care of young children, is considered a feminine activity and contacts sports are considered masculine activities. When a person is identified to a particular gender, to express the view of being male a man indulges in contact sports and other masculine activities while in expressing the view of being female a woman indulges in household chores and other feminine activities.

Young children, while trying to express their opinion on gender at times, imitate the behaviors of adults by watching what they do and say. Through these imitations young boys and girls are able to learn different gender roles, therefore, expressing their views of being either a boy or a girl. At other times children identify their gender with the same-sex parent and so as to express this view boy practices what the father does and the girl practices the activities her mother carries out (Wincze & Carey, 2001).

Most people easily identify their gender trough their sexual body parts and physical appearance. To others it is hard to fall in any gender and in some communities they are known as transgender male or female. It is hard to tell according to their appearance whether they are male or female. For a transgender male who is easily mistaken for a woman always tries to dress like a male and involve in masculine activities such as a contact sport so as to express his view of being male.

Also, the females try to dress more like women and indulge in feminine activities so as to express the view of being of the female gender. In terms of language use, people use different words to express their opinion of their gender. For example, a woman married to a particular Mr. John would like to identify her name with the prefix ‘Mrs. ’ Therefore, becoming Mrs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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