SimCity 2013 Video game critique – Essay Example

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However, the official release of the latest version of the game occurred on March 6th 2013. On the contrary, the game program development was by Maxis while the publication was by Electronic arts Company. In essence, Maxis Company is an internet developer of video games that starts in 1987 and is presently an arm of Electronic Arts. On the other hand, Electronic Arts is a publisher, developer, and marketer of video games that also specializes in distribution of the same. The company started operations in 1982 under the able leadership of Hawkins Trip.

Subsequently, the production of the video drew from the need to crate a game of strategy in which players could plan and become leaders within virtual cities. This was contrary to the need by other video games that include entertainment and character development. Further, the players of the video gaming have an aerial view of the zoned areas where their prime responsibility is to oversee the growth and development of the area into a replenished city. This makes the game possess city building aspects as the game incorporates construction, building, and management simulation.

Therefore, the production of the game revolved around the establishment of skills in management and development aspects within a gamers mind. Ideally, Lucy Bradshaw the executive producer at Maxis is relatively the individual that facilitated the development of this gaming software. In essence, Bradshaw oversaw the design and overall success of the game to which she acknowledges the team that worked with her in this project. In the past, Maxis was able to produce other best sales performing computer games that have this brand to be the preferred computer games brand.

Remarkably, SimCity is one of the latest video game productions that factor in true to life aspects within the game, which was part of a recommendation by the scientific fraternity in America. In essence, the game emphasis on environmental degradation aspects like pollution and diseases with the virtual cities created (Klisman 2013). The need to develop this game drew influence from online interactions between Maxis Company and their fan base on how they would create interest based games. Historical context of SimCity video game Arguably, SimCity video game appears to be a reboot of the SimCity gaming experience within a perceived series.

In essence, the latest development of the video game does not reinvent the whole aspect of the game but tends to possess re-imagination and streamlining aspects.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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