Social Networking and enterprise – Essay Example

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Blogs are websites where entries are written in chronological order usually in reverse order. They provide commentary, debate or news on a particular subject, and are interactive with a format that allows visitors to leave comments (Benni 2001). They provide text, images or links to other blogs or websites. Contextual advertising is where adverts appear on websites or electronic devices like phones, served through an automated system and selects recipients through segmentation. The cost per action (CPA) is a system where an advertiser buys online advertising with a direct response perspective and only pays when, and where a direct action has occurred.

Cost per impression is a concept used for measuring the worth and cost of a specific marketing campaign and is applied to banners, text links, email spam and option email advertising. Email marketing is the use of electronic mail to communicate commercial or business oriented messages to an audience it is used to enhance business relationship with a partner or client, wooing new customers or by sites who use their email system to sell advertisers’ online business (Dawar and Pillutla 2000). Pay per click (PPC) is used on search engines, advertising networks and websites or blogs where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad linking to the advertisers’ website (Pride and Ferrell 2012).

Reciprocal link is employed between two or more websites in order to ensure mutual traffic each site advertises the other thus, reciprocating the favor. Viral marketing is the use of pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness through self replicating processes. Common Online Marketing Tools and Associated Advantages and Challenges Banners dubbed “online billboards” are the most common form of online advertising where marketers and marketing executives purchase banners on popular sites.

Most banners appear in jpeg, gif or flash formats. But due to the proliferation of banners on popular online websites or forums with some having up to 15 on one page, banners generally attract low response from visitors and thus have a low click count. On the other hand, banners on are cheap to make and utilise when used in marketing (Pride and Ferrell 2012) Search engine marketing (SEM) involves purchasing sponsored links for certain search engine keywords or phrases and as the user searches for the purchased keyword, an extra listing displaying a marketing message pops-up.

The advantage of this method is that the consumer is actively searching for the keyword and is already interested in the product or service (Corstjens and Lal 2000).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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