Strategic Human Resource Management Essay – Essay Example

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An example of a social media platform that has revolutionized the recruitment process is LinkedIn (Gatewood, Feild & Barrick, 2011, p. 320). Most businesses the worlds over have now plugged into LinkedIn and are creating their own pages reflecting the types of projects they do and professions they may require in their departments. The pages also reflect on the current projects, position postings, and work culture of an organization. Proactive candidates interested in using this tool have the opportunity to research and develop their ideas about the businesses that interest them (Halzack, 2013, n. p).

They can also link up with other candidates and discuss the opportunities available and the work experiences before applying to any job posting available. LinkedIn is a useful and positive tool that all parties involved in the job seeking, recruitment, and even hiring process can use to connect and find relevant opportunities. The world is changing technologically, and so is the way candidates and human resource departments should see the opportunities and the overall employment process. Social media communities and outlets such as LinkedIn should be used by the candidates to the maximum potential in ensuring that the brightest path is followed in career development and shaping of future prospects (Nash, 2012, p.

23). Also, the recent decision by Facebook to upgrade user profiles pages in offering a ‘LinkedIn style’ view is quite professional. Social media platforms are not only a trend to keep an eye on, but a global phenomenon that has a significant impact on the job market (Barker, Barker, Bormann, & Neher, 2012, p. 1). In today’s society, it would sound usual for all the human resource departments and candidates to sign up and actively participate in social media activities that help in expanding and exploring potential opportunities.

A different and more specific example that covers more on the recruitment and training process in the beauty therapy industry touches on the people with autism (WebmMD 1). Therapists need to be trained on social skills in order for them to deal effectively with this group of individuals (Nordmann, 2007, p. 76). Social interaction is always on the biggest challenges experienced by people categorized on the autism spectrum.

Such difficulty is obviously made more significant by problems affecting speech and language, and can even create problems with the “mind reading” capability. Beauty therapists must be trained on specific social skills in order for them to know what their patients are thinking (Nordmann, 2007, p.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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