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The company also emphasises offering regular discounts for the customers on its products and services, which helps it to sustain in the UK market for a longer period despite of stiff competition from Tesco and other well-known retail giants. The company is also involved in developing lean approach in its operations, which is again one of the reasons for its sustainability, offering it with ample competitive advantages for the company over the years in the UK market (Creevy, 2010). SWOT Analysis A SWOT (S- Strength, W- Weakness, O- Opportunities and T-Threats) analysis is a structured planning, utilised to evaluate the internal environment of the business through analysing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Sekhar, G.

V. S., 2009). This analysis will be crucial in this particular report as it will depict the internal business operations of Aldi, which has ensured its long-term sustainability in the UK market. SWOT Analysis Summary of Aldi UK Strengths In the UK market, one of the biggest strengths of the company was its approach towards managing different ranges of products and services, which further enabled its customers to choose from various different set of products.

This in turn facilitated greater customer convenience and enriched customer loyalty in favour of the company (Jha, 2009). Weaknesses The company lacks a bit in terms of providing services to the customers. It is believed that the efficacy of the customer services delivered by the company is limited in comparison to those other noteworthy retail players in the UK market, which acts as a weakness for the company in the UK market (Jha, 2009). Opportunities Continuous growth of the UK retail sector presents a vital opportunity for Aldi to expand and flourish its business operations aggressively.

The company also has the opportunity to strengthen its position in the UK market by enhancing its association with some of the well-known and topmost brands. The company also has the opportunity to strengthen its positioning in the e-commerce sector to enhance the operations of the business in the market of the UK (Jha, 2009). Threats As customers have a large number of options to make their retail purchase, Aldi will need to ensure the deliverance of high quality products and services to the customers to attract them towards the business, which might again increase its operational costs to a significant extent.

A fierce price competition of the company, with that of other operators can also be witnessed in the UK retail market, which is again a threat for the company in the long run (Jha, 2009).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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