SWAT analysis about petroulium in the Kingdom of Bahrain – Essay Example

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The deepening of securities markets in the Gulf region can enable the company to diversify and improve their performance rate. The BAPCO Company can also offer their customers cheaper services than other companies operating in the Bahrain Kingdom; hence an advantage to improved business performance. The company is positioned to exploit the additional revenues generated in the Bahrain kingdom because of the sustained oil prices in the Bahrain region. Apart from cheaper oil products, the Bahrain region is financial hub with well-developed banking sectors and advancing Islamic finance industries; thus the strength to better performance of the BAPCO Company.

Companies operating in the countries with strong financial industries such as Bahrain industry have significantly improved their performance rate. This is because of financial security that can enable the company to meet the organization demands successfully. Additionally, the Bahrain government can spend below its targets and implements prudent fiscal policy. These add as advantages to the BAPCO Company in that they can enable the company to operate their business successfully in the Bahrain region. For instance, implementing sensible fiscal policies in an economy can enable entrepreneurs or companies operating within the country to perform business activities efficiently.

Prudent fiscal policy in an economy enables companies to maintain proper expenditure, borrowing and savings as well as encourages companies to improve their economic performance (Blythe and Phil 27). Therefore, it is through this policy that BAPCO Company can economically increase their level of economic performance; thus achieving the competitive advantage. Weaknesses Weaknesses are the features that place the company at the competitive advantage. They are also aspects that hinder the company from achieving their stated objectives or place the company at a disadvantage (Stasch 17).

Therefore, analyzing the weaknesses in the BAPCO Company will enable it to seek ways of reducing or eliminating the weaknesses, which may impact effective business performance. The management should view weaknesses as potential aspects for making improvements in the business venture. One of the potential weaknesses that BAPCO Company encounters is small market share. The local stock market share is small; thus affecting successful business performance. Therefore, the management should expand their market share within the local and international markets in order to improve their business performance in the competitive business market.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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