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Most people know a little something about cells in the body, blood vessels, the organs, and, of course, the incredibly important DNA, the very thing that makes us entirely individual is listed on our DNA. These are sterile, clinical concepts for experiments and research conducted in medical and science facilities, but is it ever considered that these microscopic internal structure as the makings of beautiful art? Gabriel Barcia-Colombo came up with the idea to separate individuals DNA and taking photographs of what those strands of DNA look like. After presenting them as artistic pieces he realized he might have a lucrative, innovative, and completely new way to combine science, capitalism, and art into one entity.

His product is literally a DNA vending machine. It produces individual, one of kind, Enlarged, freeze framed, DNA photographs. Pictures of DNA art? But the results are quite beautiful and since we are all completely unique individuals we each have our beautiful piece of artwork unique to us inside each and every one of us. To be honest it is likely that this new invention is going to be huge success and innovative enough to be considered new age art for new age era. This really does seem like something out of science fiction.

But the images are beautiful and I have no doubt that he will find both a trend market but also a great artistic following. He hopes to perfect the machine and have more available in multiple malls in the near distant future. The only criticism that can really be mentioned is a matter of genetic security. There are literal DNA samples inside of a vending machine, can anyone be certain that these little pieces of people do not end up in the wrong hands or used in some kind of crime.

If the scientific community is creative and intelligent enough to develop a means to extract, enlarge, and turn DNA into art, then there could easily be wrong-doers who could misuse and abuse their access to such things. Henry Lin: What we can learn from galaxies far, far away https: //www. ted. com/talks/henry_lin_what_we_can_learn_from_galaxies_far_far_away “Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away” are some of the most famous opening words of one of the most famous and significant of science fiction tales, the Star Wars saga.

Henry Lin believes that galaxies far, far away are excellent teachers about the nature of the universe as a whole and how it all works. He mentions that there are certain types of galaxy clusters; some are so large that they emit the light equivalent to a million burning suns, while others are very small, or unbelievably hot.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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